Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Viking Magazine Telemarketing Hell

These scammers have been calling me daily. Beware! They make it sound like you're getting some free deal but in reality they want to sell you magazines. Watch out for them: http://www.vikingmagazine.com/

First they call with a recorded message, one that doesn't even give you the option to speak to someone live. It basically acts as though they can't hear you and didn't get a response so they're leaving a message. When you dial the number back they give you some song and dance "Can you hear me ok? We've been having some phone issues." Yeah, ok. I didn't fall off a turnip truck.

Then they go through this whole rehearsed monologue about how they wanted to call you so you wouldn't be surprised when you start receiving magazine from their publisher and then they proceed to name a very long list of magazines. Of course, right at the end they tell you how much it's going to cost you and then they ask you to put that aside weekly and then they say in the cheeriest of voices "Is that ok with you?"

In a word, no. I pretty much told them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine and take me off their phone list.

After reviewing the BBB I see that they have an A+ rating however, they have a total of 168 complaints in the last 36 months:

BBB processed a total of 168 complaints about this company in the last 36 months and 68 were closed in the last year. Damn!

Of those 168, 36 were regarding Sales Practice Issues (BBB Definition:Sales Practice Issues - Claims of alleged sales presentations made in person or by telephone that contain misrepresentations of the product or service, high pressure sales practices, failure to disclose key conditions of the offer, and verbal representations not consistent with written contractual terms or agreements.) Big surprise there huh?

You can see the rest of their offenses here: Viking Magazine Complaint History

All this thanks to my new phone service with Comcast who decided to publish my number without asking me when I switched from AT&T. Now I get 15 phone calls a day from telemarketers and I'm pretty sure I haven't even been with Comcast for an entire month yet. Bastards!

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Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the National Do not call registry? Sign up there as soon as you ever get a new phone number. The address is simple to remember: www.donotcall.gov It takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Telemarketing services said...

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Lillian Smonakovic said...

You are dumb... it sounds like you just think your entitled to free stuff... why don't you learn how to pay bills

Anonymous said...

I can honestly they are saying is true. I worked for viking magazine out of their Fridley, MN office for 4 months and after I learned how things worked quit. I had never done telemarketing before, nor will I again. We are made to talk fast, and make it sound like such a happy great deal that we were selling. When I was there we offered a 500 dollar shopping spree which sounds great until you realize what you are getting is a voucher for overpriced garbage from another website. Their employment isn't much better then their selling either, they treat their employees like garbage, most, not I though, were felons who couldn't work anywhere else. Many of the call center employees and even the supervisor smoke weed before work and on break right out back where we smoke on break. If you don't make your quota for sales, which is hard to do once you realize what your doing they send you home early or just lay you off for anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. They skip out on your last paycheck half the time. I thankfully got mine and walked away to find a legit job that doesn't make me lie to customers and feel that I may go to hell just for selling magazines. I have no idea how they are still in business.

Anonymous said...

National do not call list doesn't matter at all. I used to work there, I'd get about 3 or 5 people claiming to be on that list everyday. Once I figured out what was really going on I left. Been trying for weeks to get my paycheck from them. They're horrible on both sides. They hire people with felonies and people just getting out of prison. Another reason I left, they told me it was a drug free work environment, go outside on break the first day and realized the manager was letting people get away with using and selling drugs.

DAMD Tech said...

Viking Magazine does NOT honor the Do Not Call registry but rather they lie and say that you gave them permission to call. They also routine practice deceptive marketing and sales schemes, they refuse to send written notice of contract via mail as required by law and then lie about it "being lost in the mail" I feel sorry for employees, it must be difficult to work for thieves and those that like working there are probably sociopaths