Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't Forget

*Don't Forget to Vote*

Dayngrous Discourse, has been nominated by Nickelodeon's 2009 Parents' Picks in the "Best Local Blog" category! You can vote once a day, everday and if you feel so inclined give us a review too!

Here's the awesome description they bestowed upon us:

OK, at first we were captivated by blogger Dayngr's Super Heroine-esque avatar - who knew "pink" and "powerful" could work so well together? But the deeper we delved into her blog, Dayngrous Discourse, the more we wanted to read. A newly-single mom of two toddlers - appropriately called the Dayngrous Duo - Dayngr proves that it's possible to be both tough and sensitive when tackling motherhood head-on.

We're currently holding at 42%. I won't lie, I'd love to win in this category and put our blog on the map. Not to mention put this award on my virtual mantle right above my virtual fireplace. Then I can sit in front of it and gaze at it with my virtual boyfriend while we sip virtual wine together. Well, you get the idea!

Would you help me take my Dayngrous title to a whole new level and give me a vote? I promise, when I win I'll stand at the podium and thank each and every single one of you who voted, virtually of course!

Please take a moment and help me and the Dayngrous Duo win this sweet little award. You love us don't you?

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