Friday, May 29, 2009

A River Runs Through It

I was planning on blogging my heart out yesterday because, my goodness, there is so much to share but the heavens opened up and dumped massive amounts of rain on us and apparently it was more than my pretty new grass could handle so... we flooded.

I thought Charlie was exaggerating (as he has a tendency to do from time to time) when he said "Look mommy, there's a river in our house." He wasn't!

I knew it was raining and raining hard and I had already laid towels down by the door where the water was starting to come in but I had no idea it was going to start rushing like a river. Boy did it ever!

Fortunately, this is the one room that isn't completed yet. Unfortunately, because this is the one room that isn't complete yet it holds all the supplies like the 3 new door I bought over the weekend, all the paint, my vacuum and everything else I don't have a place for or that I'm planning to get rid of.

Bottom line, the room looks like crap. Now it looks like crap that had a river running through it.

Long story short, I survived the river - even though Lola decided to stop and splash in it (Hello Kitty slippers and all) before I could clean it up. I moved the doors and the dogs to higher ground and we'll see what today brings when we get another 2 hours or so of rain dumped on us again.

Wish me luck. Anchors away!

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