Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stressing Out; Another Typical Dayngrous Day

I'm stressing out today. I have a million things on my ever growing to-do list and not enough time to get it all done.

Today is Charlie's 5th birthday and since it falls on a weekday I'm planning on having his party on the weekend but that means getting the house (which isn't finished yet) in the best possible shape!

Over the weekend we pulled up the carpet in the living roomand now we are officially carpet-free. That means the hardwood floor is exposed and it's showing its age too.

For the most part the hardwood floor in the living room is in great shape. No major scratches or issues but it is definately dirty and discolored and there are two small spots that are in need of a little repair. I spent the morning trying to clean the wood with the Shark Steam Mop and got one whole square about 3 x 2 done and then I couldn't get the mop's pad to glide over the surface. I guess it has so much build-up on it that it was just sticking to the floor.

Next I tried a microfiber mop I picked up yesterday at Lowes. I dampened it like the directions mentioned, squirted the Murphy's Oil Soap on the floor and with high hopes and enthhusiam I pushed the mop into the fresh cleaning liquid only to have the microfiber mop stop dead in its tracks and come unhooked from the handle. I practically flipped over the mop. What a show.

Not one to give up, I whipped out the paper towels (heaven help the environment) and was ready to do the whole floor with the spray bottle. That lasted all of about 10 minutes before I gave up and decided to call Stanley Steemer.

After a futile 15 minutes on my BlackBerry Storm trying to look up the number (Damn you touch screen!) I remembered the song. "Call one eight hundred Steamer, Stanley Steemer gets your home cleaner." I called them and you know what they said? They said that though the company does do wood floors, they don't do them in Miami. Well, isn't that special.

At this point, short of buying a rug and throwing it down on the floor I have no idea what to do in time for this weekend's party. Oy!

I had a nail appointment today but my nail girl, we'll call her Glinda the bad bitch, who told me I could come at whatever time was convenient for me since her day was wide open, called me to tell me that I better not be late because she was booked. Then she called me back to tell me to take my time because she squeezed someone in right before me at 9:30 AM then she called me back again to tell me to hurry up. Oh man! No wonder I stress out right? Not to mention that in the middle of all those calls I was having to get The Dayngrous Duo clean, dressed and fed.

Finally, I just told her to reschedule me for tomorrow. Of course, she wasn't available so I might have an appointment on Thursday at noon.

Then I called the hair salon since I am way overdue for a cut and high-lights but, you guessed it, Clara my hairstylist advised me that if I want to get an appointment with her I need to call a week or two in advance. This is the same person who has been doing my hair since like high-school before she owned her own salon. Apparently, being a long-standing customer has NO PULL.

I may or may not have cute nails for the party, I may or may not have a hair-don't for the party, I may or may not have a decent looking floor for the party. I will however still be having a smashing party that all the 4 - 5 year olds will love.

There may or may not be photos coming of said party.

It's about 2:00PM as I write this and I've already been on the phone with Dell since I can't access anything on my Laptop - which means no work is getting done - and they've told me to run some tests. The tests are running as I blog this on the Desktop.

I have a 2:30 phone conference coming up and then after that I plan on taking the Dayngrous Duo to Chuck E Cheese's today as a surprise. Whew! What a day.

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