Sunday, May 31, 2009

Up, Up and Away

Yesterday I took the Dayngrous Duo to see Disney Pixar's UP. I just love that they are old enough know to really enjoy going to the movies and that they understand what's going on.

When I was a kid I remember being a part of the summer movie program. I got to go to the movies every week. Of course, I can't remember what the movies were or how long the program was over the summer but I do remember getting to go to the movies and how exciting the whole experience was. Now, I get to share the same excitement with my kids. It's amazing to see them in awe. I think I get more enjoyment from watching their expressions that watching the actual movie.

Charlie is a question asker. He wants to know what is happening and why. Lola sits quietly an takes it all in. It's really pretty cute.

Though they are just 3 (almost 4) and 5 (just turned) they are movie veterans already. Their 1st movie was Wall-E, then we went to see Bolt, Monsters Vs. Aliens, Hannah Montana and now Up. I'm seriously considering taking them to see the 3-D version now that I've seen that the 3-D glasses look very much like regular glasses as opposed to those awkward paper square-ish ones they used to make. Those would be off in a flash. I think we'll have a better chance of keeping them on for the whole movie with these new 3-D glasses.

If you're thinking about taking your kids to see Up you might be surprised to learn that it's not Rated G but rather PG. I'm pretty sure this is because there is quite a bit of adventure and a hospital scene. There's no foul language or violence. Think Bambi, when Bambi loses his mother. (Loss seems to be a common theme with Disney) This IS a kid's movie though so I highly recommend it.

UP is hilarious. There were plenty of times when we actually laughed out loud and plenty more when we were clapping and cheering. It's such a fun movie. Definately a must see.

So, what's the movie about? Well, 78 year old Carl Fredricksen, a balloon salesman, finally fulfills his dream of adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and floats off to the wilds of South America. It's like North America, but South. Curmudgeonly Carl soon discovers, much to his dismay, that overly optimistic 8 year old "Wilderness Explorer" Russll has stowed away on his balloon-powered house. In the end, Mr. Fredricksen learns that some of the most amazing adventures are the ones we experience everyday with the people we love. A moral we could all learn from.

The Dayngrous Duo and I give it 6 thumbs up!

By the way, is it illegal to take photos in the movie theater? Someone online said I'd get in trouble for snapping photos of the movie. I've never heard of that. I know you can't video tape but not take photos? Never heard of that.

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