Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Bloggers #7

Dear Bloggers,

Let's talk. I love you, really, I do. But there are some things that I think we need to discuss. Actually, I discuss and you implement.

I've been visiting you and in doing so, I realized a few things about myself and your blogs - and neither are pretty. Allow me to share...

No Pics: If you don't use pictures in your posts, we're probably not going to read you. Pictures draw us in and make us want to learn more. No pictures, we're skipping that post. Unless of course, the title is really catchy.

Read More: If you have a bazillion posts on one page with a brief paragraph and a link to {read more} we're not really reading more - we're moving on.

Clutter: If you have a million ads on your sidebar, {yeah you, we're talking to you} it's not appealing to us. Clutter stresses out our minds and we visit your blog for entertainment, education and for value. Bombard us with ads and we won't stay long enough to read anything, let alone click your ads. Cut the clutter and save the chaos.

Great Design: Please do us all a favor and make a little effort with the design. Beautiful pictures and a great design go a long way. If your site is visually enticing, we're going to read everything we see on one page and maybe even dig a little deeper. * You with the red text on the blue background, shame on you!

Long Posts: Long posts, for the most part, are just that - too long to read. Short and sweet or even a little long and to the point is best.

No Dates: Do us all a favor and date your posts. If we can't tell if your blog is timely or relevant then we're moving on to the next blog.

Nothing Recent: And speaking of dates, if you haven't updated in months and you're not making a connection with your commentors, they probably won't stick around to see if you'll be blogging again.

Community: Which leads us to community. You like comments right? So do we! So when we comment on your blog we'd like you to do the same. Selfish? Maybe. But it's all about community. You're either sharing the love or you aren't and no one likes to give, give, give and get nothing in return.

Email: Hey, just because we're forced to include our email when we comment doesn't mean you have permission to email us and it doesn't mean we want you to. Though your reply to our comment is appreciated, it would be better on your blog post than in our inbox - or swing by our blog and comment on one of our post and then thank us for commenting on yours. (see: Community)

Just a few tips for you to mull over. Now get crackin' and make those changes. Don't make us blog nasty about you!

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Melanie @ Smiley Melly said...

I always love your "Dear Bloggers" posts! Great tips! Thanks for sharing! =)

Holly said...

The returning comments thing has me stumped. There are some bloggers out there who seem so nice, and yet I can't get them to reply to my comment or return the favor and comment on my blog. I don't get it. I just don't think people are into commenting as much anymore. I have a close friend who admits she reads my posts on her iPhone, but it's not easy to comment using that, so she doesn't. I wonder if that's what's going on with a lot of other folks too -- mobile issues.

I often do reply directly to the person using their e-mail because if I post a reply to her comment at the site, she might not see it. But I don't use the e-mail address for promotional purposes, just replies. Plus, it allows me to further build that community. I've often had e-mail conversations that way and gotten to know my readers better one-to-one, so to speak. I like that.

I break other rules here too. Sometimes what I want to say needs to be told in long form. People can read it or not. Personally, some of the best posts I've read were long. Short or long doesn't matter to me -- it's the quality of the writing and the thoughts. And the home page of one of my blogs shows the first several words of each post, where readers can click through if they like. I feel this allows them to easily scan the front page and decide if there's something there they want to read -- like choosing something from a menu.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You called it on ALL of these! Long posts KILL me. Maybe it is my ADHD!?!

Dayngr said...

@Melanie, thanks for coming by! It's always a treat for me to see you visiting & commenting.

@Holly, those are just my pet peeves not really a standard but you're familiar with my sassy style. ;)

@Sara, so nice of you to swing by and drop me a little comment love with your thoughts. Good to know I'm not the only one thinking these things from time to time.

Freckle Face Girl said...

You always make me laugh. Good guidelines, but it is nice to receive a reply from Holly! I don't read enough blogs for that to be a pain. ;)

Myya said...

Great points! I do have to disagree on the email one though. It is really hard for me to not be able to "reply" comment back when someone leave me a comment. I think a lot of it is because my computer sucks sometimes & replying is a whole lot faster then uploading a blog to comment. I definitely agree that following back to a blog & leaving a comment on thier post is the best sense of community!

Dayngr said...

FFG, love that I could make you laugh. We all need that!

Myya, I appreciate that and though it is nice to receive a personal reply via email as bloggers, most of us want people to visit our blogs and participate there as well. That's something that you always do, though. You're great at visiting and commenting.

Holly, I love your emails and just wanted you to know that. =)

rkeats said...

Okay, guilty as charged. I do do the paragraph thing-y. I can make the changes. As for the design, hey, if I could figure out how to get my avatar in my header, I would have but, at least the site's not too cluttered. Thanks for the tips. I am so glad that I found your site! xxoo Windycitymomma