Friday, June 29, 2012

We're Moving But Apparently Not Today

See that beautiful house? Yes! It's mine!

This was supposed to be one of those "Yay! We're moving to North Carolina today" posts, except we're apparently not moving today.

U-Haul Your Butt Back Home Little Lady

I don't know exactly where the mix up occurred but my friend made a reservation for a U-Haul truck and when she showed up at U-Haul there were no trucks available. I'm not a moving specialist, though you'd think I would be by now (Moving from FL to VA and then VA back to FL and now to NC) but if you make a reservation, aren't they supposed to honor it? Isn't that kind of the point of making one? Anyway, we made a reservation and no truck was to be had. The thing that burns me about that though, is that this is South Florida, so it's hard for me to believe that U-Haul seriously couldn't find a truck at one of their numerous locations to give to us. Believe it, because they had no solution for us but to ... wait for it ... make another reservation for Monday. LOL. I think not.

Thwart Me Not

Not one to be thwarted by something as silly as a U-Haul screw up I called Budget. Nothing available, but that's understandable since we did not have a reservation there. It's June, and apparently people are moving - just not us and not today.

Adventures with Enterprise

Still determined to move TODAY, I called Enterprise Rent-a-Car only to discover that an internal miscommunication that occurred last year, which I'd spent countless hours on the phone between their corporate office, regional manager and local office clearing up - was never actually cleared up. Again, another internal miscommunication by Enterprise. Regrettably, the corporate office didn't take ownership of the issue either and work to clear the mess up with the local office. Their resolution was to have us call back on Monday regardless if a Monday resolution was too late for us. This issue was well documented (I've referred to it several times when I've had to speak to them) and could have easily been looked up and rectified.
Such a let down.

I thought the days of bad service and bad attitudes at this local office were behind me when the manager was no longer there but, it seems it wasn't. The girl on the phone, who I won't name here but will share with the corporate office couldn't brush me off fast enough. She didn't want to deal with me at all.

After persisting, she took my number and stated she'd call me back in 20 minutes. Of course, she never called. When I called her back, her response for not calling me was that she was in the office alone and it was very busy. Hey, that's understandable but isn't a customer calling in as important as important as one that walks in? That's the question I'll be asking because that wasn't the impression I was given today.

Here I was, once again trying to give Enterprise my business after the last nasty incident and again, they were giving me a hard time. Clearly, I'm an idiot.

But my friend shared this with me and it made me laugh and it will make you laugh as well:
Seinfeld - The Car Reservation

So, we're still in South Florida and working to find a solution to get our stuff loaded and get out of here in time to before I have to be at work on Monday and celebrate Lola's birthday on Tuesday.

Wish me luck!

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Lexi and Jordan said...

Call 1-800-Go-Penske! I usually use uhaul too, but I used Penske when I left Florida & it was a great experience. Good luck!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Sorry, that last comment about Penske was me... :)

Carlin said...

Bummer! Reminds me of the Seinfield episode, same line, really.. the reservation for the rental car. Sucks how bad something so simple can be screwed up! But just a little blip, soon you'll be all set, hang in there!

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

Your new home is lovely. Welcome to NC (when you get here).

chriszullo said...

Awesome post, terrible situation! Looks like you have finally made it up to NC. So how did you finally make it up? Loved the Seinfield clip!