Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello North Carolina! Farewell Twitter

It's taken me a little longer than expected to post an update but we made it safe and sound to North Carolina and we're settling in. The trip was interesting to say the least (with two dogs, two rabbits, two kids and a bird) and seemed to take forever with all the potty breaks. The next time we make a long road trip I swear I'm putting everyone in diapers.

Our Traveling Zoo

The goal was to get to NC and get in the house before Lola's birthday and 4th of July weekend. We left late Saturday and made is just in the nick of time - arriving Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2 AM. Mission accomplished. We have a fun place located close to us, in Cape Carteret, called Mac Daddy's so we surprised Lola and took her there for a birthday celebration. The kids had a ball playing games in the arcade and riding the go karts. It was a nice way to ease them into life in North Carolina. After that, there was no way they were thinking about moving back to Florida.

We wasted no time breaking in the kitchen either. We had a big 4th of July celebration and birthday party with my two cousins and three aunts, who live in the area.

Our 4th of July / Birthday Family Feast

The whole experience has been great. I haven't had much of a chance to get out and meet the neighbors or anything just yet but all in good time. I'm still exploring the city and learning where everything is located. We're in a great location, we're close to a CVS and Walgreens if we ever need anything from there and there are plenty of restaurants and shops located nearby in the beautiful historic town of Swansboro, NC. In fact, we had breakfast this past weekend at Yana Mama's.

Farewell, Twitter

Sadly, we lost our beautiful baby Twitter. We're not sure what happened either. She was thriving here in NC and loving the new views she had to the glorious green trees. She was also enjoying all of the extra love and attention she was getting from my cousins. So it came as such a surprise last Friday when her right eye swelled up late in the afternoon. I thought she may have scratched her eye, since she was scratching her head quite a bit and figured I would take her to the vet first thing Saturday morning - but she didn't make it through the night. It was such a shock. We were very attached to her and Charlie was devastated. Honestly, it was a first for all of us, having never lost a pet so unexpectedly. The differences in their reactions were very surprising and they're coping well. We've purchased a little shovel and I suspect there will be a bird funeral.

So, that's life in North Carolina so far. I'll write more later. Hope you'll stay tuned.

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Chelle Buskill said...

Welcome to NC, glad everyone made it in once piece, but so sorry about Twitter :(

Holly said...

Aw, I'm so sorry about Twitter. (Great name for a birdie.) It's hard to lose an animal friend. Best wishes in your new place.

Holly said...

Aw, I'm sorry about Twitter. (Great birdie name.) It's hard to lose an animal friend. Best wishes in your new place.

Anonymous said...

Awww, so sorry to hear about Twitter. (hugs)
So glad to hear your settling in otherwise.
That you have had a nice celebration at your house.
May things continue to go smoothly for you all.
Live, life, love,

Anonymous said...

Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home! Hilary. :-)