Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Justin Bieber and Some Inside Views of our Home

Yesterday I shared some of the photos from the outside of our new home and today I thought I'd share a few of the inside. I'll be adding my own touches to make the style ours but in the meantime check these out. The photo below is the view as you walk in the door.

Yes, stairs and lots of them. Or as we like to call them around here: Mandatory exercise. There's no escaping them since the kids' rooms are upstairs. I'll let you know if I lose any weight because of them.

You can see that the previous home owners had a nice piece of furniture and some little style elements. I'm looking for the perfect piece to go in the same spot and I've already found some of my own style elements to add to the top. Not sure if they'll actually make it there or if they'll go someplace else. We'll just have to see.

Here's the view looking down from the first flight of stairs. Yes, there is more than one. (Whew!)

Lovely counter-tops and stainless steel appliances {Girl Heaven}

Finally! A kitchen I can cook in AND plenty of storage space.

There's also a sweet eat-in breakfast nook. It's really quite spacious so not sure if the word nook applies.

It has a nice view of the back yard and our little slice of forest where we can watch the cardinals, woodpeckers and bluejays visit our bird feeder. That is, when the squirrels aren't raiding the bird feeder.

Here's the guest bathroom, for guests - of course.

And finally, what bonus room would be complete without a life-size Justin Bieber cut out? Seriously, you know you want one.

I've got more pics to share with you tomorrow and I could use some decorating ideas so if you know some great sites or blogs or if you have some great tips, let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping in.

Big thanks to realtors:
Gail & Kenn Knapp
Home Trader America
(252) 560-8080

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Peggy said...

I love love love the house inside & out. Its absolutely stunning!!! Go to Home Goods website they have some awesome blogs you can follow there. Love ya lots! xoxo

Kate said...

It's gorgeous! I love the stairs, and the kitchen *swoon* is the perfect size. Love it.