Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey Owls, I'm Just Not That Into You

As promised here are a few photos of Lola's decor. I couldn't resist these adorable owls. When I showed them to her she was totally into them and thought they were the cutest. Once we got them home and I set everything up, she said (in the funniest way) "Mommy, I think owls are more your thing than mine. I like horses." Needless to say, I let her know that Owls were going to be her thing for a while too since she didn't let me in on that little tip until after I paid for everything and set it up. Don't feel too bad for her though, she does love her room and everything in it.

Her walls a sweet shade of purple and she has two pink frilly lamps with crystal heart chains. Below is her fun bedding and decorative pillows and shams. Cute right?

 Miss thing has her own bathroom as well and that too is decorated with owls. Isn't that cup holder just adorable?

What bathroom would be complete without a bathmat? Certainly not hers! Who? Who?

Yes, they even had a shower curtain and curtain holders to match. Irresistible.

Finally, art to hang on the walls as well. These little owls make such a cute pair. Kinda like Charlie and Lola.

How'd we do? What do you think of the kids' rooms? Drop a comment and let me know.
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