Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let's Go Surfing Now

It's been great fun decorating our new home. For Charlie, he decided to embrace the beach theme since we're living here along the Crystal Coast. He went with surfboards and the vehicles that toted them. As you can see, I found the perfect piece of art to hang on the wall as well. Some pieces we found on Emerald Isle, NC and others we found in Cedar Point, NC. There are plenty of places to shop here!

 Charlie has a great big full size bed, fit for a Prince. It's a big move from sharing a room and a trundle bed with his sister. His room is sunshiney yellow.He's got plenty of pillows for lounging too!

Can you see all the cute beach themed icons on his comforter? There are old wooden surfboards and starfish and woodies! He loves it and I love that. 

For his bathroom, it's all about the monkeys and this soft shade of blue. I never got my own bathroom as a kid. What a lucky little guy! Do you think he knows it? 

I don't think he can appreciate it now but I am sure he will as soon as his sister hits the pre-teen years.  What do you think?
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