Friday, December 21, 2012

Dayngrous Discourse is Moving

Dayngrous Discourse is changing to Life in the DayngrZone! (little preview above)

It's been a fabulous 6 year run here on blogger and now, it's time to update and upgrade. Dayngrous Discourse was a place for me to rant and rave and get all of life's little frustrations out of my system. Since its inception, and probably through odd little coincidences like maturity, I've become less ranty and more appreciative of the little things. Oh, I still have my rant moments but Life in the DayngrZone is probably a better name for the next phase of my life.

Though it was 6 years in the making, I've finally moved to my own domain, It was about time, too. I've owned the domain since 1997 and used to blog using Front Page forums back then. Yes, talk about old school! 
I'm still in the process of making tweaks to but please don't let that stop you from swinging by, checking out my progress and adding the new location to your RSS readers. 

Big thanks to Lindsey at Pretty Darn Cute Design who designed my template and was a joy to work with. She also has some pretty darn cute printables, too! 

Hope to see you over at

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